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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Dominic Mazzotta4April 24, 2017Details
prayer for a Live Liver donor for Lori10April 15, 2017Details
Prayers for Alan S. Heart Surgery tomorrow11April 9, 2017Details
Lung surgery this week.11April 9, 2017Details
Lung surgery this week. Please pray for our cousin.11April 9, 2017Details
Healing for Amanda13April 7, 2017Details
Dear Friend's Mother9April 3, 2017Details
Breast cancer46April 2, 2017Details
For healing of congestive heart failure21March 28, 2017Details
Prayer of Thanksgiving!!!13March 22, 2017Details
faith14March 17, 2017Details
John Regoli Jr.63March 17, 2017Details
upcoming surgeries18March 16, 2017Details
Mickey Fazio 29March 16, 2017Details
My Friend Becky16March 15, 2017Details
Prayers for healing20March 15, 2017Details
Prayer for Sunny Suzio26March 15, 2017Details
Untitled16March 15, 2017Details
Aunt22March 13, 2017Details
Mary Ellen Lang 39March 12, 2017Details
Please Pray For Me38March 11, 2017Details

Dominic Mazzotta

Connie Mazzotta
Please pray for my injured grandson.

prayer for a Live Liver donor for Lori

Lori Clair, a great person who has devoted her life to helping Veterans, is in need of a Live Liver donation for transplant. Lori has endured many health problems, but always puts others before herself.

Prayers for Alan S. Heart Surgery tomorrow

Alan Smart is having Heart Surgery tomorrow and prayers needed that it is successful .

Lung surgery this week.

Kathy Mazzotta

Lung surgery this week. Please pray for our cousin.


Healing for Amanda

Please pray for Amanda who will have surgery.

Dear Friend's Mother

Diane Butts
My friend's mother is in a coma.

Breast cancer

Prayers for Kelly Frye that chemo and radiation is successful in treating breast cancer

For healing of congestive heart failure

Pray for my dear son-in-law who had cardiac arrest . He has been stabilized but is not out of the woods. Please pray that God gives him strength.

Prayer of Thanksgiving!!!

Janet Casper
Thank you, Lord, for hearing mine and the prayers of my friends for my aunt. She received great news today; her surgeon was successful in removing the carcinoma and chemo might not be necessary. Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!


Pls pray for me and my family as we begin the process of adoption of two boys that are in dire need of a good home. Please pray for my family for health. Please pray for me to have faith again after loss as I return to the church. Amen.

John Regoli Jr.

Amy Moret
Please pray that John's upcoming surgery and chemo/"alternative" treatments, remove his tumor permanently.

upcoming surgeries

Andrea Scalise
asking prayers for successful surgeries-eye surgery for Virginia and knee surgery for Angela

Mickey Fazio

Andrea Scalise Scalise
Asking for prayers for Mickey Fazio and his family during his recovery from surgery.

My Friend Becky

Amy Moret
My friend Becky had a chest X-ray last week that was abnormal. Doctors see a small (5 mm) nodule in her lung and now need to do a CT scan. Please pray that the Good Lord helps Becky to remain calm through this ordeal and that the results of the upcoming CT scan are not "serious."

Prayers for healing

For Matthew Butler

Prayer for Sunny Suzio





Janet Casper
Please pray for my aunt who will be undergoing a lung resection this Wednesday.

Mary Ellen Lang

Pray for Mary Ellen Lang

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.